About Ancient Buzzard

Ancient Buzzard provides a place for combining three of my hobbies - wargaming, rail transportation and 3D design. It's just a hobby, not a business, so no money changing hands, invoicing, accounts, production or other forms of hassle! It may seem crazy, but I'm quite happy to design things and then pass the full copyright and exploitation rights to others in return for nothing more than a sample of the released model. I just get pleasure of creating things, and sometimes actually using them in my own wargames.

Who is Ancient Buzzard?

Andrew Burton, and I'm based in the UK.

What Software do you use?

All of my 3D modelling is done in MoI3D (www.MoI3D.com). I'm currently using the v3 beta which is available for registered V2 users. I've used it since the v1 Beta in 2007 and I can recommend it to anyone as it is far easier to use than any other package I've tried.

I use MiniMagics v3.0 (www.materialise.com) to check that the 3D export files (.STLs) are okay for printing.

To create rendered model images (usually in grey against a blue background), I use SimLab Composer 2014 (Rendering Edition) (www.simlab-soft.com).

For creating drawings for brass etching, I use Corel Draw X6 (www.corel.com).

Which companies do you collaborate with?

Using the title of Buzzard Design Bureau, I am currently working on multiple projects with Keith Armstrong at Armies Army. Initially these have mainly been Soviet inspired Sci-Fi vehicles, but numerous other projects are in various stages of development.

I'm also progressing some long term projects with Paul at Firedragon Games. These include the interior scenery items listed on his Shapeways store.

Details of current and past projects are listed on the relevant sections of my site. With these collaborative projects, I don't tend to post information here first, as I am well aware that they may have commercial reasons for keeping things hush-hush.

In the past I've also created numerous 3D files of the Old Crow Models range of vehicles for Jez to use as he wanted.

Which 3D printing service do you use?

Whilst I have used other bureaus, I mostly just used www.shapeways.com. The quality is not as great as I can get elsewhere, but as my hobby budget is limited, the lower costs make up for that. I'm looking into other services again, as the number of options has increased dramatically in the last couple of years.

What inspired your logo?

The logo was developed from "Buzzard Head" carvings used by the Swift Creek People (southern Georgia, USA, 200-700AD). For more information on the Swift Creek People and their artwork see this archived copy of a webpage taken from the South Georgia College website. An excellent book on this subject is A World Engraved: Archaeology of the Swift Creek Culture.

Why did you choose the name?

I helped my old friend Jez of Old Crow Models when he started his business many years ago by doing catalogues etc., followed by designing, and then maintaining, his website for a long period. I always joked that, as I was older than him, and in the spirit of naming a project after a carrion bird, if I ever started one of my own, then Ancient Buzzard seemed to be the natural choice considering my initials.


Buzzard Design Bureau