Information Links

These are individuals, companies and organisations that are of use in my hobby activities, and you may find them of similar interest.


  • TWW
    The Wargames Website, best wargaming forum on the web.
  • Armies Army
    Keith Armstrong's 15mm sci-fi, near future and modern figures and vehicles, some designed by Buzzard Design Bureau!
  • Firedragon Games
    Has an excellent range of 28mm scenery.
    Excellent 15mm Sci-fi figures and vehicles.
  • Darkest Star Games
    Manufacturers of the Dark Star 6mm excellent range, and now the 15mm Federation and Venturian vehicles and figures.
  • The Scene
    15mm figures and scenery
  • Rebel Minis
    Wide range of 15mm Sci-Fi figures and vehicles.
  • Eureka Miniatures
    Super 15mm Sci-fi especially the Ventaurians (scaled down from the Denizen 25mm figures).
  • Combat Wombat Miniatures
    Superb turned metal gun barrels, and a range of 15mm Sci-Fi vehicles.
  • Black Hat Miniatures
    Fun range of 15mm sci-fi enemies, and a huge range of historical figures.
  • Ground Zero Games
    Wide range of 6mm and 15mm vehicles and figures.
  • Old Crow Models
    Wide range of 6mm, 15mm and 25mm Sci-Fi vehicles and some figures.
  • QRF Models Ltd
    Huge range of 15mm Modern vehicles and figures.
  • RAFM
    Classic Traveller style 15mm sci-fi figures
  • Brigade models
    Good range of 6mm and 15mm sc-fi figures and vehicles.
  • Angel Barracks
    Great range of 6mm sc-fi models.

3D Design Software

  • MoI3D
    Home of "Moments of Inspiration 3D" (MoI3D), a superb 3D package. It can be used to create a very wide range of things with a simple to use interface. Michael Gibson, the sofware creator, is constantly evolving this package, adding really useful extra tools, whilst still ensuring the ease of use is not compromised. Highly recommended, and worth every dollar.
  • 3D-Tool
    Authors of the 3D-Tool viewer, a very useful free package (cut down from their professional version). It can be used for checking and viewing .STL files, as exported from MoI3D for printing.
  • Materialise
    Authors of MiniMagics v3.0, a very useful free package (cut down from their professional version). It checks to see if .STL files, as exported from MoI3D, are okay for printing at companies such as Shapeways.
  • Simlab-soft
    Creators of SimLab Composer 2014 software, which allows the creation of rendered images of 3D models. I'm not into creating fully ralistic computer generated illustrations, but this package can create stunning images. It can also export into the 3D PDF file format that any up to date version of free Adobe Acrobat Reader can read, displaying the 3D models in a rotatable viewer. The latest release has added the ability to create WebGL models, ready for insertion into a webpage viewable natively by all the major browsers.
  • Corel
    Publishers of the excellent Corel Draw package.


  • Canonburyarts
    A London (UK) based arts supplier, which does an excellent telephone order service for Jesmonite casting acrylic & powder.
  • Flints
    A London (UK) theatrical goods supplier, including Jesmonite casting acrylic & powder, and modelfoam sheet.
  • Tomps
    A UK supplier of RTV Silicon Rubber for mould making, along with a wide range of other casting materials and tools. Be aware - their products are great, but their communications when they've got a delay on fulfilling an order are non-existent until you ask!
  • PPD Ltd
    A superb brass etching service based in Scotland.
  • Leisure Games
    A north London (UK) based games shop that provides a great mail order service, and amongst its huge catalogue, stocks the excellent range of Chessex storage boxes.
  • Warbases
    Best supplier of cut MDF bases, in a wide range of sizes, that I've found in the UK. A great company to do business with.
  • Litko
    Laser cut and etched acrylic markers for gaming. Their self-service custom design service is really useful.
  • Spielmaterial
    Supplier of board game pieces based in Germany. A surprisingly useful collection of wooden playing pieces that can be used as basis of 15mm scenery and cargo.
  • Craftycomputerpaper
    Suppliers of inkjet and laser transfer sheets that can be used for making your own decals.
  • Magnetic-paper/Abel Magnets
    Huge range of magnets and magnetic products. Of particular use are their A4 sized steel and magnetic sheets.
  • Far Future Enterprises
    Home of Classic Traveller, the best sci-fi roleplaying system ever.