Shipboard 15 - September 2011

25 September 2011

Set of three flyers/fighters using TRON 2 toy tanks.

Flyers converted from Tron tanks

Some time ago in a local "The Entertainer" toy shop, I found three toy tanks from the TRON 2 film on sale. If I remember correctly, they were only £1.00 each. Recently I came across them, and decided to do a quick convert for 15mm use. I did give thought to 3D modelling the bits, but a) I wanted to get something finished quickly, b) considering the original cost of the toys, I couldn't justify it!

25 September 2011

Early versions of Shipboard 15

In 2007 I started work on a range of 15mm sci-fi interior scenery for gaming with modified Classic Traveller Snapshot™ rules. Subsequently I have considered using FUBAR, or writing my own quick play rules. Since the advent of Shapeways, working on a large number of models to be printed became far more feasible. I start shaking when I think of the price I paid for the first 3D printing I had done. Below are a couple of shots of the early trial pieces I was working on. Version 0.2 were 3D printed, version 0.1 done the "old fashioned" way using etched brass laminated onto plasticard.

15mm scenery version 0.2

Version 0.2 © Copyright Andrew Burton - January 2008

15mm scenery version 0.1 Version 0.1 © Copyright Andrew Burton - June 2007

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